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As a small business and from teaching textiles I am aware that I need to consider the environment and make my small business as ethical as possible. Below is some information about the steps I take to be more ethically aware.
I print on demand so only print what is needed, I therefore limit the quantities of stock we need and only buy what we need and use.
LilytheFish is just a one person business, all my products are hand printed and packed before making their way to you.
All my products are high proportion cotton based; some organic cotton. I try and source WRAP certified products - WRAP is a non-profit organisation made up of global social compliance experts who are dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world.
To gain WRAP certification a facility must comply with WRAP's 12 principles which include prohibition of Child & Forced labour, limits on the hours of work and monitoring of the work environment to ensure health & safety rules are adhered to - 
Some items are PETA approved 100% vegan
Some bags are polyester however I have researched which materials I should use. There is a great debate as to which materials are better for the environment. Natural materials, especially organic cotton can use 80% less water in production however polyester requires less washing after production hence why I have chosen this material as a boot bag.
My DIY Kits are put together using all recyclable materials.
Items that are less than perfect are used and sold in our Sample/Outlet sales. Worn returned customer items are washed and donated to local charities, none of them end up in landfill.
The cardboard boxes that our base products arrive in are reused to ship out wholesale orders or recycled at our local recycling centre.
I have an organic hoodie and sweatshirt range which is Organic cotton and recycled polyester. Again WRAP and Vegan friendly.
Packaging uses tissue paper, easily recycled and my mail bags are made from recycled materials which can again be recycled.

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